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Library User Guides

Library User Guides are created to complete in need of your information by librarians. Every icon represent different subject guides. If you search for your special subject of interest, please click related icon. And click “Details” section for achieve your goal. Don’t wait for reach information, just click !

Subject guides are designed to help you find accounting resources information, books, databases, journals, reference sources, internet resources, audio-visual materials and more available through Atılım University Kadriye Zaim Library's print and online resources. The tabs near the top of the screen can help you locate the type of specific resources necessary for your research.

  • Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.

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    Neil Gaiman Author
  • Librarians are tour-guides for all of knowledge.

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    Patrick Ness Author
  • Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.

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    R. David Lankes Scholar | Speaker | Writer | Teacher | Advocate

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