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Civil Aviation: Books & eBooks

These pages bring together key resources for students of School of Civil Aviation

Civil Engineering TechnologyNew e-Books

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                                           You can find books 2nd Floor, Block Q-Z.

  • Q300-390    Cyberbetics and Information Theory
  • QA75.5-76.95   Electronic computers. Computer science
  • QA76.75-76.765  Computer software
  • QA101-(145)    Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic
  • QA150-272.5  Algebra
  • QA273-280   Probabilities. Mathematical statistics
  • QA299.6-433  Analysis
  • QA440-699  Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology
  • QA801-939   Analytic mechanics
  • QB1-991 Astronomy
  • QC1-999  Physics
  • QD1-999  Chemistry 
  • QE1-996.5  Geology 
  • T1-995  Technology 
  • TA1-2040  Civil engineering
  • TC1-978  Hydraulic engineering
  • TD1-1066  Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering
  • TE1-450  Highway engineering. Roads and pavements
  • TF1-1620  Railroad engineering and operation 
  • TG1-470  Bridge engineering
  • TH845-895  Architectural engineering
  • TJ1-1570  Mechanical engineering and machinery
  • TK1-9971   Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering
  • TL1-4050   Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
  • TN1-997  Mining engineering. Metallurgy
  • TP155-156 Chemical engineering
  • TT1-999    Handicrafts. Arts and crafts 

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