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Social Sciences welcome to the page of the subject guide.

  This subject guide is designed to help you find accounting resources information, books, databases, journals, reference sources, internet resources, audio-visual materials and more available through Atılım University Kadriye Zaim Library's print and online resources. The tabs near the top of the screen can help you locate the type of specific resources necessary for your research.

  If you have suggestions for additional resources or topics, please feel free to contact us.

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About the use of study rooms

  • ►  In each academic term, the study rooms are available for use between 09.00am - 09.45pm in the weekdays and 10.00am - 07.45pm in the weekend.
  • ►  Only members of the Atılım University who have the current Atilim mail address can make reservations for group study rooms.​
  • ►  Each user has the right to use 30 minutes for the use of group study rooms. It is mandatory for people to book the room separately.
  • ►  Users who will use the room must enter their information correctly at the time of reservation.
  • ►  People who use study rooms must be in the room for 15 minutes before the end of the time.
  • ►  At the end of the time if no one is in the room, the items which are in the room will be removed by the security officer.​
  • ►  The food - drink is not allowed in study rooms.
  • ►  It is forbidden to listen to music and speak loudly in study rooms.


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