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Subject Headings -- History & Geography

D          History (General)          
DA         The History of Great Britain
DAW    Central European History
DB          Austrian History
                     -   Liechtenstein
                     -   Hungarian
                     -   Czechoslovak
DC         History of France 
DD         History of Germany
DE         Greco-Roman History of the wolrd
DF         History of Greece
DG        History of Italy
DH        History of the low countries,
                    Benelux countries
DJ         History of Netherlands
DJK     Eastern European History (General)
DK        History of Russia
                   -  Soviet Union
                   -  Former Soviet Republics
DL       Northern European History
                  -  Scandinavian
DP       History of Spain
DQ     History of Switzerland
DR       History of the Balkan Peninsula
DS       Asian History 
DT       African History
DU      History of Oceania ( Southern seas ) 
DX      History of the Novel
EF      American History
G        Geography, Anthropology, Re-Creation 
GA     Mathematical Geography
                 -  Cartography
GB     Physical Geography
GC     Oceanography
GE     Environmental Sciences
GF     Human Ecology
GN     Anthropology
GR    Folklore
GT    Manners and Customs
GV    Recreation

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