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e-Journals: IdealOnline Periodicals Database

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What is IdealOnline Periodicals Database?

Idealonline is a database that brings the academic and popular magazines together under one platform to provide access to wide range of information in Turkish resources and serves them for the use of readers.

In Idealonline, there are leading magazines from the Turkic world. These magazines, published in Turkic republics such as Azerbaijan, Kirghizstan, Bashkortostan, Crimea, Karachay-Balkar and made available by Idealonline for access in the university libraries in all over the world.


e-Journals: IdealOnline Periodicals Database

My Library

With “My library”, “Register for Announcements” and “Receive Notifications” features inside the system, Idealonline makes publication track easier and its wide filtering feature expedites finding the intended search result.

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