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Civil Aviation: New Arrivals

These pages bring together key resources for students of School of Civil Aviation

About Faculty

Air transportation, the safest and fastest type of transportation, is the top level of the applications of advanced technology. In other words, the new products, technological developments and innovations are applied to the aviation sector primarily. Consequently the foremost needs of the aviation sector are qualified personnel and their training.  This need is far too deep in our country, as well as in others. On the other hand, interests and demands on national and international transportation are increasing quickly in Turkey, at a higher rate compared to other countries. Therefore the need of training qualified personnel and the resources allocated comes into prominence.
In our country, the legal regulation, which went in effect in 1983, allowed establishment and operation of private aviation companies. Consequently civil aviation has developed rapidly nationwide, and in 2000s the development gained more momentum.

Atılım University established the Civil Aviation School in 2010, upon the developments in civil aviation sector in Turkey. Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance, Avionics and Aviation Management departments were established at the school in order to contribute to the effort for bringing up qualified personnel. Our school had begun education and accepted the applications of students in the academic year of 2011-2012. In 2015-2016 academic year Pilot Training department was established. This  year we had our first graduates except pilot training department.

The school aims to train well-informed and skilled qualified personnel with the best foreign language skills possible with the help of an education program consisting of 1 year preparatory class and 4 years of theoretical and practical training. The course syllabuses of the departments are prepared to satisfy the needs of the civil aviation sector and in line with the demands of Directorate General of Civil Aviation and international standards. In the departmental courses, besides the theoretical and pure academic teaching, the emphasis is on training students with the ability to inquire, innovate, ask questions, think analytically, and find solutions to technical problems. In the upcoming junior and senior years, such activities will be continued as part of the curriculum with other technical maintenance and services corporations working in the Airports in İstanbul. In addition to these, the students will have the opportunity to complete an internship program of two summer seasons in a number of civil and military corporations. The application-oriented lectures and workshops starting with third year classes of the Departments of Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance as well as Avionics are provided in an aircraft hangar of Atılım University at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.  The construction of the hangar building at Esenboğa Airport completed.

The students are trained for the maintenance of airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. After the training, the trainees will be qualified for the maintenance, modernization and assembly applications of aforementioned aircraft. The trainees are going to be prepared for their career by means of internship and on the job trainings, which are significant factors for employment.

The language of instruction is 100% English for all the departments of Civil Aviation School, and the students are prepared for their profession by means of modern laboratories at international level and on-the-job trainings. 

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