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New Arrivals: Faculty of Fine Arts, Design & Architecture

About Faculty

Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty of Atılım University was founded in 2007. There are five departments from the fields of design in the faculty: Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Industrial Product Design, Architecture. These departments gathered in the same faculty to support each other and offer a creative atmosphere. Students have a chance to choose from shared selective classes and improve themselves according to their interests. In addition to departments with undergraduate studies; Interior Architecture and Environmental Design department has also a graduate study program. Integrated Architecture PHD has started in 2012 Fall Semester. The PHD program allows focusing on “Architectural Design”, “Building Science” and “Conservation-Restoration”. In addition to students with a graduate degree, students who have an undergraduate degree from architecture and similar fields can join the PHD program.
When compared to similareducation institutions, it can be easily realized thatFine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty of Atılım University has a significant superiority with academic staff quantity and quality. This allows the faculty to pioneer in scientific and artistic researches and events. 
In addition to the aim of raising professionals in their fields; the faculty also aims to contribute scientific and artistic researches and fulfill their responsibilities to the society. Social responsibility projects have a significant importance within this framework. The project to use containers as medical units to be used in disasters in 2011 and projects from all departments in the faculty to design for disabled people with a theme called “Design for everybody” indicates the significance given to the responsibilities to the society.  In the upcoming years these projects are expected to be continued in the faculty with different beneficial topics selected for the society. In addition to widely known Erasmus Student Exchange Program; the students of the faculty have been getting ready for the international platform. In 2011 spring semester a group of students conducted an online project with IUPUI University from USA.
As the number of universities and graduates are rising; Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty of Atılım University gives a great importance to the quality of education with an awareness of the expected competition. It is believed that graduates can be successful only if they are well educated in such a competitive environment. That’s why a big importance is give to the arrangement & the application. It is already possible to see that first graduates are successful finding jobs and accepted in their fields.

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