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New Arrivals: Faculty of Management

About Faculty

Our Faculty is one of the oldest in Atilim family as it was set up in the academic year of 1997-1998 soon after the establishment of our University. Since then it has grown steadily, as we currently have ten departments on a wide range of subjects from Management and Economics to Political Sciences and Public Administration and International Relations. We are now running a number of fully-fledged English medium departments such as Management, Economics, International Relations, International Trade and Logistics, Tourism and Hotel Management as well as Public Relations and Advertisement. Our student intake has also grown over the years and currently, we have more than 700 students. Together with those prospective students who are learning and improving their English at our University’s Preparatory School our total adds up to more than 800.

Our first graduates came out in the academic year of 2000 and 2001. Since then we have had graduates every year in increasing numbers. A comparison between our Faculty and our competitors in the field would demonstrate that our Faculty here has certain advantages as well as remarkable features of its own.

We employ lecturers with a Ph.D from respected national and international universities with a good command of English. We provide well-equipped classrooms and labs to facilitate training and education on the basis of latest methods and techniques.  Each department offers a considerable number of elective courses for students to choose in accordance with their interests out of a wide range of subjects.

It is our faculty policy to develop and revise departmental curricula regularly to ensure that our students have access to up-to-date knowledge on each and every subject. In order to make sure that our graduates are exposed to business life at a very early stage, we have now adopted compulsory internships for all departments, and we are now in the process of establishing a ‘Point of Contact’ in collaboration with the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) to ensure that our Turkish and non-Turkish students are kept posted of various schemes and programmes about employment while studying. We are also working quite closely with a number of firms to provide our students with experience and knowledge that would give them considerable advantage when they begin searching for jobs. 

In addition to an effective student advisory system, all our departments offer opportunities for double major and minor. In terms of the post-graduate programmes, it is my pleasure to point to International Political Economy Ph.D. programme in the Department of Economics, and I would say that many of the other departments offer English medium M.A. degrees. For instance, the English language master programme in the Department of International Relations which got under way in 2013 has been very popular among foreign students, and the English language M.Sc. programme in the Department of Management is now open for applications from September 2014 onwards.

As for the international student exchanges our Erasmus contacts have been available for years. We have signed Erasmus protocols with a number of European universities and many students have by now benefitted from them both ways. We are committed to establishing Erasmus exchanges with several universities across Europe. We hope and believe that in not to distant a future we shall have Erasmus student exchanges with many more universities across Europe.

To explore more on various programmers and opportunities in the Faculty of Management, do consult our web page and get in touch with us, I, and my colleagues, particularly the heads of departments, would be more than happy to answer all your queries. 

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