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Law: Books&eBooks

This is a guide to help you find information, books, databases, journals, reference sources, internet resources through Kadriye Zaim Library's print and online resources about Law.

Books - Quick Search

 K       Law (General)
► KB   Religious law in general
► KBP  Islamic law
► KD    Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland 
► KF     Law of the United States 
► KJA   Roman law 
► KJC   Regional comparative and uniform law
► KJE   Regional organization and integration.
               Comparative law 
► KK     Law, Germany and West Germany
► KKX   Law, Turkey
► KKW   Law, Switzerland
► KZ      Law of nations


                       LC Classification Outline for Law

New Arrivals

Law, Turkey

KKX10   --  Trials, Turkey

KKX100 --  Lawyers, Turkey

KKX500 --  Civil Law, Turkey

KKX540 --  Domestic Relations, Turkey

KKX640 --  Property, Turkey

KKX700 --  Mortgages, Turkey

KKX810 --  Obligations Law, Turkey

KKX920 --  Commercial Law, Turkey

KKX940 --  Banking Law, Turkey

KKX1040 -- Corporation Law, Turkey

KKX1160 -- Copyright, Turkey

KKX1270 -- Labor laws and legislation, Turkey

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